iTranslate iMessage
& Keyboard App

Communicate with people all around the world, for personal and business purposes, in over 100 languages with the iTranslate iMessage & Keyboard App.

Seamlessly translate in millions of apps

The iTranslate iMessage & Keyboard App works prefectly with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other messaging app. You can also use it to reply to your Emails or communicate with your team members on Slack.

  • Universal Support

    Translate text anywhere you can use an iOS keyboard on your iPhone

  • All Apps

    Translate conversations within within all of the popular messenger and social apps.

  • Copy-to-Translate

    Simply copy a received message and the keyboard translates it into your language.

  • Auto-Translate

    Automatically translate incoming iMessages with the all-new iMessage App.

    About iTranslate Keyboard

    We proudly introduce our newest product, iTranslate iMessage App & Keyboard Extension, free to use as an included feature to iTranslate users on iOS. We’ve been wanting to bring the power of instant translation that you enjoy with iTranslate into any app, and our new iOS Keyboard extension is a clever solution in making this possible.

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